Attitude - Ambition - Art

Since we are children

having had not always an asthetic

but always a creative sense

we at the time

did not know any bounderies.

So we are born artists.

As those we are

intuitive inventors, creative planners

and passionate sentimentalists.

Usually thoughts dominate our time.

Through art though

our other senses sharpen.

We learn about the world.

Aswell focus and

dream of

fascinating possibilities.

Later so,

Instead of aligning to borders,

we chose to honor the

Form und Farbe of the immensity,

called nature.

Hereby i try to touch

the infinite transmission                       of intense information in us

trough different media.

Let´s support science with art.

Unbind worlds complexity from our one-sided Economy.

Reveal spirituality without the barriers of religion.

Stop rendering native indian and animal souls.

Refine obsolete ideas of politics and law.

Expectation – Evaluation - Ego

We must find ourselves

in a situation

where we are important


as individuals,

to elude imprisonment

for simply telling the truth.

Or we need to be so many that our numbers cannot be

supressed anymore

and the depth of our conviction can no longer be confined

to the cages of injustice.


these cages

have earned their name

not for detaining the unjust

but for aiding those

they were meant to confine.

If only they fulfilled

their moral function,

perhaps those

who take lives to preserve

the status quo,

and not those

who die for justice,

would then discover blood on their hands.

And we as the people

would awaken

and come to realise

the desperate nonsense

that has been committed

by those few

on our behalf.

and accepted

by so many.